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Serene Horizon

:: on the horizon ::

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Welcome to serenehorizon, the personal graphics journal of shadowserenity. 95% of my graphics are icons. I mainly icon for the fandoms of SciFi Friday, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate SG-1, though others spring up occasionally. My favourite subject is Number Six/Tricia Helfer (including Six/Gaius) and as such, over 50% of my icons are Number Six related. The character of Number Six is what first sparked my desire to learn iconmaking. Lately, however, I have become increasingly obsessed with the characters of Stargate Atlantis.

I have posted all my icons here, from the very first time I opened GIMP to my most recent obsessions with 100x100. Because of the number of collections, this journal uses tags as a way to locate icons based on character or show.

• Above all else, credit me whenever you snag my work. You may credit either shadowserenity or serenehorizon.
• Comment when snagging. Part of me really does make icons/resources solely for the feedback, so I very much appreciate your comments. I reply to every comment (or at least I always try to), so you will hear from me.
• Do not hotlink my icons/resources. I use Photobucket, so I don't have an unlimited quota of bandwidth.
• Do not alter any of my icons/resources or redistribute them. I am more than happy to put text on blanks or alter certain things for you. The general principle here: ask and you shall receive.
• I periodically take requests. Keep an eye out.

You are most welcome to friend this journal to receive updates on your flist. Though I advertise my icons and resources on several communities, this is the only place they are posted.

I have won a number of awards from a variety of communities over the past few months. You can find my awards collection at my personal journal here. Note my display is current as of the date at the bottom of the post. If you would like to snag any of the icons pictured there, please comment on that entry and I will direct you to the proper collection.

I participate in a number of icontests (icon contests). I have compiled a short list of the communities where I regularly or semi-regularly participate.
bsg_lyrical (a lyrical Battlestar Galactica icontest)
bstg_icontest (the premier Battlestar Galactica icontest)
sf_incandescent (a SciFri Friday icontest)
sg_lyrical (a lyrical Stargate icontest)
sg_inanimate (an inanimate Stargate icontest)
stargate_still (the premier Stargate icontest)
stargatehush (a textless Stargate icontest)
starttheclock (an elite Battlestar Galactica icontest)

I also support the following communities.
bsg_awards (a Battlestar Galactica awards community)
bsg_creative (an elite Battlestar Galactica community)
bsgfans (a Battlestar Galactica community)
bsg_graphics (a Battlestar Galactica 100x100+ graphics community)
galactica_icons (a Battlestar Galactica icon community)
galacticanews (a Battlestar Galactica news community)
good_fanicons (an elite icon community)
good_galacticon (an elite Battlestar Galactica icon community)
sg_awards (a Stargate awards community)
sgc_elite (an elite Stargate graphics community)
scifi_exclusive (an elite scifi graphics community)

Do you run or know of a community you think I'd like? Please drop me a comment.

The Elysian Collective:


Drop me a comment in my most recent post if you would like to affiliate.

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Caps taken from:
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New Atlantis - The Revolution
SG Picture Archive
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